Mosaic Kids

At Mosaic parents and children participate in worship together at the start of service.  Once singing has ended, kids are welcome to participate in their own classrooms where they will be safely cared for or they may stay with their parents in the main auditorium throughout the service.  We offer the following children's classrooms below:


There are many special milestones in a child's life- that first word, first step, the look of innocence in their eyes.  We recognize that your child is God's priceless gift to you.  Beginning as early as six weeks up to 3 years old, the Nursery at Mosaic offers your infant the warmth and care your child deserves.  While you worship, you can rest assured that your child will be safely cared for in a loving a secure environment.  That is our promise to you and your family.

Questions, Suggestions, or do you want to serve in the nursery?


Mosaic Kids I & II

We want your child to get to know Jesus!  Through Bible lessons, worship, imaginative activities and fun interaction with others, your children will be challenged to begin their journey with the God who made them and loves them.

Mosaic Kids I serves children in preschool through Kindergarten. 

Mosaic Kids II serves children in 1st through 5th grade.

Please sign your child up at the Mosaic Kids desk when you enter Orchard Grove.  Take a number tag before having a seat in the auditorium to enjoy worship.  Once worship has ended, you walk your child to the hallway where he or she will line with the classroom teacher.  Please pick up your child following the service using the number tag.  

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to serve with Mosaic I or II?



Our ministry for 6th-12th grade strives to partner with families in equipping teens to passionately follow Jesus Christ in today's culture.  For this reason, 6th-12th graders join their parents in the auditorium for worship and for the Sunday message.  A message guide is provided for youth to use to follow along with the sermon.  You can find these guides at the Welcome Center when you enter the auditorium. 

By exposing teens to biblical teaching, ways to serve and some very cool activities, it is our hope that they will experience God in a deeply profound way and that they will exercise their faith in him even after they graduate from high school.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to serve with our 6th- 12th graders, please email: