Mosaic Ministries


First Touch

First Touch serves to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests at Mosaic, to provide helpful information and resources focused on specific needs, and to help guests experience a personal relationship with Jesus. First Touch goes beyond the front door; it is a key part of the DNA of Mosaic.

Open Hands

Open Hands is a ministry to the disadvantaged and marginalized in our community. With Open hands we seek to touch people who might otherwise be overlooked, people who are going through great duress and trauma, people who are nearing the end of their rope.


Events encompasses activities which we do in the community to raise awareness of Jesus and his Gospel, to share Christ, to interact with others about the Christian faith, and to bless people who are in our community with grace and love.

Our region is blessed with many outstanding organizations that need your volunteer service today. The Outreach ministry would like to draw your attention to the following:

Women, Men & Young Adults

Women In Motion

We are women pursuing God and developing our lives for spiritual impact in our families, church and community.

The Women's Ministry at Mosaic seeks to provide opportunities for women to grow in their knowledge and application of God's Word, connect and foster support among other Christian women, and to serve in the church and community. We offer day and evening Bible studies, special events, retreats, and monthly get-together's.


Band of Brothers

Men today face a myriad of challenges that are unprecedented. The gospel shows us how we are to live, and yet the obstacles against us can seem overwhelming. You don't have to go it alone. Our Band of Brothers ministry seeks to build men in freedom and confidence . . . we're all on the same journey. We meet twice a month for Bible study and several times a year for special events.



Our young adult ministry exists to "multiply Jesus' influence."  This is accomplished through digging in God's Word, time in prayer, and hanging out together.  We are geared toward those in college or of college age.  If you would like to be challenged to live out the principles of the Christian faith, we encourage you to come check us out.  

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Worship, Media & Creative Arts

Worship & Creative Arts Ministry

The Mosaic Worship & Creative Arts ministry seeks to praise and worship Jesus Christ in our corporate time of worship & the Word of God. Various teams serve in the areas of dance, drama, readings and music. We use our God-given gifts to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and our church by bringing the Word of God to life through the creative ministry!


Media Arts Ministry

The Media Arts Ministry is committed to serving God and the church through the use of creative multimedia. We believe that our worship service media and web presence can be a powerful means of outreach to our community and beyond, as well as a service to our church family. If you have a knack for Powerpoint, a web development background, or just want to find out what Media Arts is all about, don't hesitate to contact us.