Mosaic worship activities have been temporarily canceled until further notice due to COVID-19 outbreak. Although we are practicing social distancing, we don't have to be spiritually distant. Please follow us on our social media platforms for online ministry. We're praying for you at this time and eager to meet you. God is with us---keep faith in Him! 

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     Whether you are new to Frederick County or new to America, we understand the unique pressures you face. Our vision is to be a place where people from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences find faith, hope and love through Jesus Christ. Whether you grew up in church, or this is your first look inside a church, Mosaic has something for you. Our prayer is that you will take the next step into this faith community. Stop by this weekend and experience Mosaic for yourself!

"I love that I am a part of a church that is proud of the diversity of its people.  I love that here, my background doesn't matter, my imperfections, mistakes, and short-comings don't matter.  The only thing that matters is that I am here and I want to follow Christ and deepen my relationship with the Lord.  I find that I am surrounded by wonderful people from all over the world that are interested in the very same things that I am, and that is to love and serve the Lord." 

- Joe Hopkins